Central office is located at 1621 Mearns Road in Warwick, PA

Our mission is to provide the Greater Philadelphia Area with proper medical care of athletes.  As Licensed Athletic Trainers, we will guide and educate our athletes in the prevention, recognition, care, and rehabilitation of injuries. We will also ensure each athlete is healthy and capable of participating safely in their sport .

 What Aspire has to offer:
Full time contracted Licensed Athletic Trainers
Part time/Per diem contracts for individual teams or locations
Summer Camp Coverage
AED's- we can bring to any location


Why do you need Licensed Athletic Trainers covering your events?


·       Licensed Athletic Trainers (LAT’s) are allied health care professionals who specialize in on-field sports coverage, injury prevention, taping, bracing, and emergency medical care

·         LAT’s make return-to-play decisions to ensure that your athletes are safely returned to activity in a timely manner

·         LAT’s provide directors and coaches with protection from litigation if an injury or catastrophic event occurs

"Nicole does a spectacular job giving medical care to all of our athletes. She is very knowledgeable and professional. When needed, our athletes get appointments with neurologists and orthopedic doctors
quickly. I am looking forward to next years athletic season!"
Hugh McGovern

  Athletic Director at St. Basil Academy

National Athletic Trainers Association